About BGSA

Fútbol. Soccer. Nogomet. Sepak Bola. Sakkā. The Beautiful Game.

Soccer is known around the world as both a sport and an art. Players of all ages and abilities can enjoy the sport. However, the art of the game - a perfectly timed pass or a well executed set play - is rarer. The art of the game is only realized after hours of repeating the same fundamental ball skills, learning to communicate with your teammates, and receiving support and instruction from the right coach.

With over 100 years of coaching experience, John Barata and coaching staff at BGSA are pleased to offer their expertise to players and their parents. We strive to provide each player with an enjoyable and fulfilling training experience. The BGSA coaching methodology is holistic and centered on the belief that success on the soccer field breeds success elsewhere in a young adult’s life. We stress the importance of forming good habits, attempting new challenges without fear of failure, and seeking out support and advice from others. Our programs also fosters the creativity of each player and encourages them to experiment, improvise, and problem solve on the fly. At BGSA, everyday starts with a smile on our face and a ball at our feet.

Re-established in 2013 by John Barata, the Beautiful Game Soccer Academy offers a comprehensive training program for boys and girls, ages 18 and younger. BGSA continually expands and refines its offering to meet the need of the players and parents.

Partner With Coach John Barata and Get the Ultimate Coaching Experience

After 21 years as a coach and 12 years as an exceptional player, John Barata applies his professional and personal experience to his training environments. Players who attend the BGSA will receive:

  • Fundamental training
  • Technical and Tactical Training (Position based)
  • Focus on teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Ball mastery activities
  • Personal and team mentoring

With Coach John Barata's guidance, many athletes have gone on to play collegiate soccer and to compete at the professional level. Come and join us as we grow the Beautiful Game!